A girl asking for a lift….

It was the night of 1st January. I was invited to a new year party and was alone on my way back home around 2:00 am. I was driving my car on this quiet and lonely road with no vehicles around. And suddenly, I saw someone standing and waving a hand at me for lift. There was a pretty, fair girl with Golden hair wearing a silver glittery dress. Her dressing sense impressed me. So, I thought that she’s all alone and needs help. But it didn’t strike me about crimes and that I have to take proper care, I was in a hurry to reach home. So without giving a second thought, I stopped my car and asked the girl to sit. None of us spoke as we were not known to each other. I just asked her where she wanted me to drop her and paid attention to driving.

After about a 5 km distance, she asked me to stop the car so, I stopped the car at the side. She got down and walked just 2-3 steps and suddenly disappeared. I thought she’d gone behind my car but no she wasn’t there. Then, I moved a little further and took a look around but I didn’t find her. My heartbeats were increasing. Then at some distance I saw a car that had met with an accident. It was a self accident. The car’s left side was hit by the electricity pole. Car’s impact was so strong that the left side bonate was totally damaged. Mirrors of the car were broken. I was shocked to see the person sitting on the left seat of the car. She was the same pretty girl, whom I dropped on the way. She was without the seatbelt and was bleeding. The person who was driving had fallen on the steering and both were unconscious.

I ran to my car, thinking why I should put myself in trouble because If I wait to help them, then I’ll reach home late, If I call the cops, then they will ask me questions and if I call 108 ambulances, then I will have to go with them for the formalities to complete but automatically I started blowing horns and stopped another car. That Man was also returning home from a party but thank God, he wasn’t drunk. He first asked me the reason why I was blowing horns, then we both went to see the injured people. Looking at the girl, he said that she died on the spot and showed me her cracked head. Still we did our first duty of calling 108 ambulances, only to provide them medical help on time, to save their lives.108 ambulances reached within 5 to 10 minutes. Health officer who had come with the ambulance declared her as dead, but her husband’s pulse was running, so they took them to the hospital. At the same time they told us to follow them to the hospital for further formalities. The doctors declared her dead. The husband was shifted to ICU for further treatment. They found a driving licence in his wallet and his identity was known, so the cops thanked us. I was feeling really proud for helping someone but at the same time I felt sorry for the pretty girl. I thanked that young man and took my way.

Her soul was a pure soul that wanted to save her husband’s life and that’s the reason, she came to seek help soon after her death.

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