Reena’s Xploration Challenge #198 – 💔 love

She: If we break up now, what will I do with your gifts? You take back your gifts.

He: (Peek into the bag) What do I do with these ladies accessories? And this spray is not mine.

She: Listen first, I have brought this gents spray for you because you will not use these ladies accessories, you will throw them out.

He: It wasn’t too late to realize that, I was a man. Using your spray, how many women am I going to attract? You come back, don’t leave me. I just want you and only you in my life and no one else.

She: But, I can’t hurt my parents. They are marrying me this year, with a good earning person.

He: Ok, I’m not successful. I agree. Why didn’t you take the permission of your parents before you fell in love? My soul would not have had to endure this ordeal.

She: But, I still have one thing. I can’t return it.

He: What is that?

She: Loving memories of you and me.

He: Now, with our memories, don’t waste his life. It would have been better if I had said this because now, I am going to live on these memories.

She: Do you blame me?

He: I blame my fate. Now we are in love and if they think, this is a mistake then we should convince them that our love is sacred. Either we have to bend or they have to bend. I think our love is so strong that we can convince them of our love and even get their blessings. Let’s try it once. He who strives to be successful in his life is the one who succeeds.

Stay Blessed!


12 thoughts on “Reena’s Xploration Challenge #198 – 💔 love

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