Super Hero – Dad

Super Hero – Dad

Nowadays, the kids don’t go out to play. A game usually played at home is Hide and Seek.

Once, Minnie was playing hide and seek with her siblings. She wanted to hide somewhere, but where? She wanted a place where no one could reach, so she chose a barrel. This barrel was kept to use the water outside the bathroom. She easily jumped inside from the bathroom steps. The barrel was half full. She covered the top of the lid so that she would not be found by her siblings.

But no one came to look for her. After a while, she began to suffocate. But because she was small, she could not remove the lid. She was short of oxygen and sweaty. She could hear everyone calling her, but her voice did not reach them.

Her luck was so strong that her super hero dad called her and hit the barrel. When he removed the lid, Minnie was unconscious. Her super hero took her to the nearest health center as soon as possible and with timely help, Minnie reached home safely

But on arrival, she was determined never to play “hide and seek” again.

This post is part of Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Thank you for reading!

Stay Blessed!


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