Tale Weaver – Soulmate

Just as the river is drawn to the sea
Also my mind was running towards him
Slowly I could feel his expressive eyes
Eye contact made me to look away from him!!

I had never seen him before
He must have seen me earlier
But, he was looking so I was watching
I was watching so he was looking!!

I was watching him purposely because
He was stealthily looking at me
I had no idea who he was
But I knew he was interested in me!!

Gradually, our friendship grew
Friendship turned into love
We got to know eachother better
And sweet love turned into marriage!!

He understands without expressing grief
He reads my mind without my knowledge
My choices are his part of life
He’s my soulmate, my love!!

This post is part of Tale Weaver

Thank you for reading and giving previous time.

Stay Blessed!


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