Green exploration and peace! #Tanka#Haiku#Rhyme


A rocky landscape
Time Machine is exploring
An old house of mine
Collection of memories
On a small piece of landscape


A bricked up tunnel
green grass emerges out daily
green revolution


When peace dwells
There rings a bell
There is no illusion
and any sort of confusion!!

Dove is a symbol of peace
and God’s Holy spirit
Lotus temple symbolises peace
and all religions inspirit it!!

This post is part of

What Do You See by Sadje

Write Photo by K L Caley

Eugii’s Weekly Prompt by Eugenia

Thank you for reading.

Stay Blessed!


12 thoughts on “Green exploration and peace! #Tanka#Haiku#Rhyme

  1. Peace is something all should have ‘inspirit’ 😀

    (My icon does not go to my open blog, you are already following the only open blog I have – my post on Sadje’s prompt (plus) is here – it is #14 of the series but I try to write them so they stand alone : #14 Overseers – Thank you * There isn’t anything on your own about page… maybe if you wanted to, you could update that?. All the best in writing creatively ~Jules)

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