Whispers In The Cemetery

One summer at midnight, I went to the church compound to steal tender coconuts. I was stealing tender coconuts, filling a jute bag, and taking a sip of beer. Suddenly, I heard someone whispering in the cemetery. With the jute bag, ran towards the cemetery. Someone was whispering, “One for me, one for you. ” I dropped the jute bag right there and drove straight home.

The next day, I informed my friends that there was a ghost in the cemetery and realized that it was not the ghost but they were Louis and Dominic distributing the stolen cashew seeds

This post is part of https://carrotranch.com/2021/10/08/october-7-flash-fiction-challenge-2/

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Stay Blessed!


16 thoughts on “Whispers In The Cemetery

  1. There’s lots to harvest in cemeteries, actually. One cemetery further up the peninsula has a hedge of berries. I have also harvested seeds of flowers. Funny, though, when we hear voices we think ghostly thoughts!

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    1. We have one cemetery over here where variety of bananas and different colourful flowers bloom. I like that cemetery and attend all souls mass over there. We take these places in that sense. This is the reason we hear voices.


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