Am I getting old? : Poem

Eyes wide open,
breath kept on hold.
Staring at the new one,
Am I getting old?


All duties are done,
still no one told.
You changed your tone,
Am I getting old?

Guarded your home,
from thieves, because I’m bold.
Still new member is come,
Am I getting old?

This post is part of What Do You See by Sadje

Thank you for reading.

Stay Blessed!


70 thoughts on “Am I getting old? : Poem

  1. Luna’s getting on a bit (don’t tell her I said that) but she still has her kittenish moments. She played havoc with our older cat when she first came to live with us at 4 weeks old. Where does the time go…?

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    1. We had a Pomeranian dog in our house and as she got older we brought a small puppy but she would not let the puppy come near us. She used to sit at my feet .This happens, it’s a fact but after sometime they become friends…. Thank you so much for sharing, Chris ❣️

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  2. Awww the image you choosed for this poem made it really really cute ❤️❤️😅
    And what a marvelous poem you wrote ,, i can feel the emotions in every word you pierced.
    P.S (i love dogs 🤩)

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  3. Oh, how poignant this is! The bittersweetness of growing old and the insecurity that comes with being replaced. So so well written! Brilliant take on the prompt. Absolutely loved it and resonates so well with me.

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  4. No ! you are not getting old . Man takes birth old and becomes younger and younger day in and day out . You might be surprised to know this . But think minutely . Like old man who needs care all the times , does not newly born baby needs care and help all the times ? So , how can you say you are getting old ? Never say so . Never feel so . I have seen ninety years old man running . Can I say he is getting old? No . Indian Philosophy says man never dies . He changes his form . All the PUNCH MAHABHUT i.e Earth , Sky , Water , Fire and Air , out of which the body of man is made up of , get lost into those elements . So , where is the question of getting old and old ? It is a layman’s approach to consider one as a old or so . Thanks !

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  5. I wonder if this is how a grandparent feels upon the arrival of a grandchild. It is joyous, but does it make one feel their age when they see one so young? (I am not at the stage of life so I don’t know). 🙂

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