Funeral Of A Leg! #Flash – Fiction

“Boo …. boo, today I saw a weird funeral,” said Rose.

“Strange! You don’t know what a funeral is. Have you not been to anyone’s funeral ever? Isn’t anyone dead in your house? Johnny asked Rose

“No, how can I tell you now?” Said Rose

“Now, tell me in a simple and straightforward language, “said Johnny

“Look, when we die ,the mass is offered to our souls and bodies are burried, but what I saw today was a funeral and the man had come to the cemetery with his foot. He brought his foot with ten to twelve people and buried it in the cemetery.” Rose told to Johnny

“Wasn’t this your latest dream today?” questioned Johnny

“No, not a dream, I saw it.” said Rose.

Johnny said ironically,” and the Priest would have offered Mass.”

“No, boo … I dream but it was a reality. ” Rose said

“OK, now tell me in which cemetery you see and why did you go there?” Johnny asked Rose

“There is a church right in front of our school and there is a cemetery on the right side and that cemetery is visible from our staff room. I was looking out of the window during the free period and suddenly, these ten-twelve people came with a very small coffin. When I saw that coffin, I thought it must have been a little child, and I called our peon, Philip and asked him,”did someone’s child die today?”

He smiled ironically and said, “This is the work of a rich man, Fidalgo. Fidalgo’s leg was amputated for some reason ….The funeral of his own foot is going on .”

“I was shocked to hear about the funeral of our body parts.” Rose told Johnny.

Then the peon jokingly added, “Teacher, we see headless ghosts in the movie, walking on the wall, facing differently, blooded and so on. Now we will see only the foot and not the ghost.”

I said, “Philip, his soul is alive, not dead, only his leg is dead, so how can that be a ghost?” and I imagined ghosts, only walking on foot. Thoughts began to come to my mind ,” Do I believe in ghosts?”

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65 thoughts on “Funeral Of A Leg! #Flash – Fiction

  1. The rich will show us shocking things. I was surprised at first but when I read that part, I forced myself to stop thinking about it.
    These people!

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  2. The only thing that made this a funeral and not seem like a “sacrifice” is the fact that the leg was “buried”. Poor guy and his amputated leg but atleast he is rich and is still alive (story wise) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Interesting story my friend πŸ‘βœοΈπŸ’•

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  3. Yes ! I believe in ghosts . It is everywhere . In everyone . But I have not seen a ghost of legs , and amputated legs . Soul must be there to be a ghost . I think if you’re alive your conscience is called soul . When dead it is called spirit . Simple thing , man’s dead body with spirit inside is called ghost . If spirit is not there man becomes really dead . Thanks .

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      1. But ghosts can be spirits. Do you believe in a spiritual world? Or if it sometimes overlaps the physical? Cultures, and even religion.

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      2. I’m happy because you respect my thoughts…. you know one thing. I was following you when I was nothing over here in WordPress. I was reading your posts but didn’t comment. Then I attended webinars of WordPress and accepted challenges of creative writing. Thank you so much,dear friend β™₯️


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