Prison! #Poem

Once passing by the prison
Thought came to my mind

Why such a big gate to this building?
and why is this compound wall so high?

I asked the reason
No one told me as, I was child!

I arrived here
Inside this big gate

Why there is no connection with the outside world?
and why outside world takes us as criminals?

I understood everything here
But now it’s too late!

To make easy money
We kidnapped our friend

Why, I didn’t listen to my parents?
and why parents didn’t keep an eye on my friends?

Or else I would’ve not done kidnapping and robbery
In a company of bad friends!

Understood this is a dark life
So, completed further education

Why people don’t accept criminals, when they try to live good life?
and why criminals don’t get a chance to become a good person?

So, to start a good life
I want to wipe the stain!

©️ janeaguiar

Pic. Credit:Only In Your State

Written in response to: Reena’s xploration Challenge

Thank you for reading.

Stay Blessed!


47 thoughts on “Prison! #Poem

  1. Where there is a will there is a way
    Adolescence is a very delicate stage in ones life , guidance and counselling may help, because they actually don’t know the magnitude of the problem they might get into

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  2. We have had a few people on home detention in our neighbourhood and I’ve never had an issue with them. It’s about respect. Maybe they made a mistake, but doesn’t everyone?

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  3. Hi I love the poem!!!
    We are peace and conversation a platform that will provide prisoners the opportunity to show and prove their rehabilitations and transformation into the Men/Women they are today. don’t hesitated to give a look at our page and to share it around you! thank you

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