Honesty #Rhyme

The farmer wanted stability,
decided to give his property,
asked to prove superiority,
gave his sons a room that was empty!!

Everyone decided to show capability,
began to find their specialty,
to prove the credibility,
each one had become sticky!!

The eldest son had anxiety,
he thought about the necessity,
filled the room with commodity,
he showed the utility!!

The middle son was snooty,
he didn’t have sobriety,
filled grass and showed quantity,
irritably did his duty!!

Younger son had modesty,
to prove his identity,
he prayed with integrity,
and showed his morality!!

Farmer entered to see disparity,
each one was trying to show capability,
duty was given to community,
judgement was done on quality!!

The youngest son had loyalty,
judges attracted towards purity,
devotional atmosphere and chastity,
especially his honesty!!

©️ janeaguiar

Pic. Credit:Aproximar de Deus

Written in response to: https://weeklyprompts.com/2021/12/01/weekly-prompts-wednesday-challenge-honesty/

Thank you for reading.

Stay Blessed! 💖


56 thoughts on “Honesty #Rhyme

    1. Yes, I will read your post. My pleasure, friend. You can get book on Amazon. It’s Colleen’s book OR You follow :Word craft: prose and poetry, there Colleen teaches how to do and what to do OR You just type on the Google about forms of poems,then select one form and go through any two poems of the same form. I have wordbook Syllable counter to count syllables. I follow last method. Good Luck!


  1. Value judgement in your poetry appears to be human . The younger son has chastity , integrity , morality etc—all human values . But question arises as to , can only human values be the deciding factor of a man to be honest ? We are living in a material world of to day where deciding factors , apart from human values , are money and materials . Ethically speaking, such value judgement is required to have been looked from the fact that if father is sick and required to be hospitalized where a lot of money is needed, can the younger son’s chastity and purity only be helpful ? So , my point is that a value judgement should be based on entirety of the facts . However , your poetry is nice and readable . Thanks !

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    1. I agree, when parents are hospitalised, real character of all children is seen. When money is needed then chastity and honesty is of no use.here I mentioned about the filling of the room and they were judged only on that basis and nothing else.


  2. That’s a really difficult test. To try and fulfil someone else’s judgement is an impossibility in my opinion. You should be judged on your own merits

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