A Pit Of Despair….#Poetry

I loved you
with all my heart
and soul
but maybe
I don’t know how to connect
and express my love.

It was
a real feeling of love,
not a betrayal
but a lie
and not intentional.

Believe me or not,
you are everywhere
in my conscious
and subconscious mind
and meditation.

I know
I have brought bitterness
into our lives
and once the relationship
is cracked
and repaired
the stain remains forever.

the hurricane
is raging in my mind
because I believed that
you love me too
and our souls
are connected
to each other
but alas
I think I was wrong.

gripped me
so much that
this stage of life feels like
a boat sinking
into a pit of despair.

©️ Jane Aguiar

⭐When something like this happens, strange emotions take over the head and unwanted things happen.This phase comes at some point in everyone’s life. Cultivate your hobbies without giving up. Going out with friends and time is the best medicine for heartache.

Pic Credit: Pinterest

Written in response to:

the-saturday-symphony-26-in-between-the-lines by Jude Itakali

Thank you for reading.

Stay Blessed! 💞


126 thoughts on “A Pit Of Despair….#Poetry

  1. That is indeed a great remedy for heartbreak, the intricacies of which you explored in this poem. A great submission for the prompt; rich in relatability and emotion. Thanks for joining in Jane.

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  2. but alas
    I think I was wrong

    sometimes our emotions seem so complicated but in the end they are as simple as that simple line – this is a beautiful poem, thank you.

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  3. The sense of deep hurt is palpable in this poem. It’s a connection I’ve made frequently in my own poetry–the depths of pain and despair. Although these emotions are hard to bear, you present them so beautifully and skillfully. You’re a true poet who knows what it’s like to hurt, and how to turn that into gorgeous, contemplative verse. Much respect to you, Jane. 🙂

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