Dual Identity #Poetry

There are people
in this world
who wear two masks
on their face,
who will tell
good things about you
in front of you
and tell
bad things about you
to others
behind you.

They have
no mercy.
No matter
how well you behave,
if you make progress,
they will criticise you
and try to harm you.

They have
a crab mentality.
“If I can’t have it, neither can you.”

Just as crabs,
they pull
each other down,
They do not
progress themselves
and do not
allow others
to progress.

If you wear
simple clothes,
they will
discredit you
and if you wear
expensive clothes,
you will be

are found
and have
a dual identity.

©️ Jane Aguiar

Written in response to:

Reena’s xploration Challenge -no-mercy

What Do You See by Sadje

Thank you for reading.

Stay Blessed! πŸ’ž


93 thoughts on “Dual Identity #Poetry

    1. Absolutely! When they actually know you are good for them, they don’t only criticize you, but also set traps for you and frame up to make the victim appear the worst person under the sun, even to the extent of tapping into the whatsapp and email messages. They forget encroaching on privacy adds to the dual nature of a person.

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  1. Not far from the truth, friend. But, we all have a dual nature l think. Only that sometimes, we are too focused trying to find the other side of other persons instead of finding our own hidden negative sides.
    I mean, the duality of other people seem more conspicuous than how we see the duality in us.

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  2. Oh my, I try to keep a small close, core circle in my world, though my overall circle is as wide as it gets- just hello friends. I’m much closer to my wordpress friends than these wider circle people.

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      1. My 5people inner circle comprises of my old college buds- friendships built on pillars that are far from material. Genuine adult close friendships are hard to make, I think. But okay,enough of my blubbering. πŸ‘

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      2. In college I was in a group of four boys (his friends) so I never felt this loneliness. I got the name Tom Boy because I dressed like my brother. Now i don’t have any girl friends. I agree with you.πŸ’™

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  3. Such a real poem! These crabs do suck indeed. 😩 when they meet you they are as sweet as fine wine, when they are away they peddle lies about you. So sick of ’em too. This is such a revealing poem, Jane. I like it. πŸ’–

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