And They Lived Happily Ever After #Poetry

He and she decided
to get out of their stressful life
and move into their own ancestral home.
She had a few doubts in her mind
so her mind was shaking.

She was going to re-enter
the house she had entered
for the first time after marriage.
She had many good and bad thoughts.

At last the day dawned,
they reached their ancestral home.
When she saw the steps of the house,
She realised that the house needs people

She was frightened
to see those steps
because she had completely forgotten
that they were not slanting
and began to think,”How can I climb so many steps in the last phase of my life?”

He already knew
what was going on in her mind
and what she can think
so he brought a vase of red tulip flowers
from the dicky car
and kept it on the first step.

She was thinking, Why? What is the purpose of this vase?
He recognized her gestures
and thoughts without saying a word.

He had brought
as many red tulips as there were steps.
He took all those red tulips
and her hand and promised her.

“In every step of my life,
in happiness and in sorrow,
in pain and in goodness,
I promise to love, support
and treat you with respect.”

And they lived happily ever after.

©️ Jane Aguiar

Pic Credit: Pinterest

Written in response to: What Do You See by Sadje

Thank you for reading.

Stay Blessed! 💞


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