Feels Like A Peepal Leaf…#poetry

To be in love
feels so sweet.
Giving love to each other
feels like a Peepal leaf.

Consciousness is destroyed,
intellect doesn’t work.
Feels great
though unable to focus
on anything.

There is no fear in love
and no deception.
Love brings you up
and never gives up.

When you’re not with me,
I feel the same
that you feel in my absence.
I’m drawn to you
as I get your loving support
and affection.

spoken to you before,
told everything about me
even then you have read
all the secrets
of my mind
through your eyes.

Acceptance unfolds,
heart races increases,
and the mind is motivated
to see you
again and again.

But, how can there be love without meeting you?
Who knows what will happen after meeting you?

Pic credit: Noor Harith

©️ Jane Aguiar

Pic Credit: Freepic

⭐ According to Indian culture, the Peepal tree and its leaves are considered sacred.

Thank you for reading.

Stay Blessed! 💞

65 thoughts on “Feels Like A Peepal Leaf…#poetry

  1. Such a sweet poem. Your descriptions of love are so universal, and the poignant ending–wondering if it’s real, if it will last after meeting–is so resonant. It brings back memories of long-distance relationships I’ve had, how intense the feelings were and how scary it was at the same time. This one really spoke to me. Beautiful poetry as always, Jane. 🙂

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    1. I experienced love marriage. These feelings are common to both. Only distance love knew nothing about that person. That’s why I asked those two questions. ( habited of asking questions in the school😃) I know something resonates with the person in front of us because we are all part of the same universe. Thank you for inspiring me, Mike!🙂

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