Strawberry Moon #tankaprose


I looked out of my kitchen window on
Tuesday night (14/06/2022) and was surprised to see the yellow moon. It was attractive to look at and remained attractive until Wednesday morning.

It looked 90% bigger than usual. This happens especially when the Moon’s orbit is closer to the Earth – giving it the appearance of an even larger and brighter full moon.

I gathered more information about it on Google. It read ‘Strawberry Moon is not red or pink. The name comes from the Native American Algonquin tribe who used the Strawberry Moon to collect June strawberries according to the old farmer’s almanack.

Last full moon of spring
the time of great abundance
appeared in the sky
rays pass through the densest layers
evocative imagery

©️ Jane Aguiar

Written in response to:

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Strawberry Moon

Colleen’s Syllabic Poetry

Thank you for reading.

Stay Blessed! 💞


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