Cloudy Weather #symetrelle #poetry

I don’t like cloudy weather

Lost someone forever who was near
Gone away and completed a year

Greyish-black cloudy weather reminds me sad day
Grievous period want to leave far away
Through these greyish-black clouds God blesses with sun ray
To experience life well in many way

Accepted the departure of dear
Greyish-black colour made me cry in fear

I don’t like cloudy weather

©️ Jane Aguiar

Pic Credit: Get walls

⭐ It’s been a year since my mother passed away but I still feel close to her. My greyish-black dresses reminded me of her loss.

The structure of Symetrelle form is given

Written in response to:Colleen’s Syllabic Poetry

Thank you for reading.

Stay Blessed! 💞


46 thoughts on “Cloudy Weather #symetrelle #poetry

  1. Loosing someone you love is never easy, greyish days are one you wish never comes. I do know she’s always in your heart and she’s there looking at you from above, stay strong dear Jane. ❤️💞

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  2. i understand if you were here you would like cloudy weather. discussed the significance of the bindy with my new banker one sudipta maity of calcutta now in slc ut usa fascinating

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  3. Y are writing my heart. July is a grey one for me as well. I lost my younger sistet to cancer a year ago this month end. I miss her everyday. May our poetry carry us through, Jane. 💜

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  4. This is a very beautiful piece. I enjoyed the form so much I attempted one of my own. The repetition and the rhyme were so beautifully done especially because it is so personal . My condolences to your family may god bless

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