Birth To Birth…#poetry

One day on a foggy
new moon morning
she felt a familiar soul
calling her
by singing a known song
and she got up and released
her husband’s silken embrace
and walked unconsciously
behind a figury soul

The figury soul was
very familiar to her
and so was the voice

She reached to the figury soul
as some power
was taking over her mind
and walked with the figury soul
until they reached the place
where they both breathed their last
in the last birth

Souls from previous lives
were eager to meet
in this life too
as if the relationship
from birth to birth
continued through the ages

Copyright ©️ 2022 Jane Aguiar

Written in response to:what-do-you-see-155 by Sadje

Thank you for reading!

Stay Blessed! 💞

68 thoughts on “Birth To Birth…#poetry

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