About me

Welcome to my creative blog. I believe in high thinking and simple living.

My hobbies are: Drawing (pencil shades), Painting, Reading, Writing, Acting, Making Herbal and Ubtan soaps, Handwashes, Herbal oils, Embroidery and Stitching dresses.

I go for hikes and camps with students as I’m a Guide captain.

I love to cook and perform experiments in the school, kitchen, stitching and writings.

I am a Science Teacher and if I don’t send my posts regularly then I will be busy with Projects, Experiments, Hikes, Camps or other Hobbies.

I am giving Identity to my Thoughts, Perspectives and Imaginations. You will find author’s Creations, Poems, Prose and Poems, Flash Fictions and Short stories in different genres like Thriller, Humor, Romance, Horror, Science etc.