Drunkard #Flashfiction


A man used to come home drunk. One day he fell sick and was admitted to the hospital. He promised his wife that he would quit drinking.He then recovered and came back home.

When he woke up the next morning instead of drinking tea,he started running out of the house. Seeing him wearing sandals. His wife asked him,” Where are you going?”He replied,”I’ll be back soon.”

Wife understood his intention and she tried to stop him. He said, ” I’m trying to quit drinking from tomorrow.” His wife ironically replied,”surely you’ll change, when pigs fly.”

Stay Blessed


Reena’s Xploration Challenge #194 polysyndeton

My Angel

I asked God,”Why are you sending me on the earth, where you are not there to take care of me?” and,God replied ,” I’ll be giving you one angel and you’ll call her Mom and she’ll love you, how I love you and care for you”, but my angel was a young girl, below 18 years of age, as soon as, she got the good news of me became nervous and took pills of abortion, so before coming in this beautiful world, my life has ended and finally, I returned to God, but my body is preserved in the laboratory.


#WRITEPHOTO – cliff edge


We used to spend,
Our evenings on the green land.
High on the mountains, and
We used to sit hand in hand!!

The world was not crowded there,
Only you and me and no one else.
I longed to see you there,
For your touch and presence!!

The endless sea used to be in front,
Now, it is a beautiful past.
cliff edge has become a famous spot,
And, it is known as a ” lovers point”!!