Sketchy Life #tankaprose

Once the fire was burning with anger. The flames rose so high that sparks were soaring in the sky. The Gods were so frightened that they ran to God Varuna and he arranged rain to calm the fire.

From then on, the fire seemed to have something attractive in the water. He found her cool and sweet. So when water falls on him, his anger calms down, but the water realises how hot the fire was and how difficult it was to live with him.

The two still love each other, but from a distance, as the water tries to get closer to the fire, it evaporates.

Your fragrance in me
reminds me of the rainbow
come back o’ my life
fickle mind is not stable
life without you is sketchy

©️ Jane Aguiar

Pic Credit: Pinterest

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Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – soaring

⭐ I had to give a home visit last week due to the low number of children in our school and so I couldn’t publish or visit your blogs. I apologise.

The education system is suffering as children drop out of school. Knowing their problems, we are now trying to solve them.

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Verdant Prosperity #haiku #tanka

Fresh vegetation
that’s unsophisticated
verdant naive life

A form of beryl
crystallizes in a mass
prismatic crystals
mislabeled as emerald
it’s a stone named smaragdus

©️ Jane Aguiar

Pic Credit: Google and Pinterest

I have presented two forms: haiku and tanka. The words Verdant and Emerald represent colour.

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Our Lady #Tanka

Our lady visited
about two years later now
festive occasion
anger resentment forgot
grand celebration was held

©️ janeaguiar

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This is my 100th post and Luckily it’s “Our Lady” #Tanka. Thank you readers and followers, this happy moment has come to me because of you. You appreciate, inspire and comment me. This is the reason I write more and more. Thank you and God bless you all!(474 followers). Happy Thanksgiving everyone!🙏💖

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