Love Blossoms In The Moonlight…. #Poetry

He looked
even more charming
as the breeze
was playing on his face
and with his hair.

I envied the wind,
so I leaned
a little closer to him
as I wanted
to put my hand
in his hair
and caress him lovingly.


I moved
closer to him,
my hand unknowingly
fell on his wrist
and I was struck
by the 420 voltz,
and realised that
I had fallen
in love with him.

What Do You See

Now, before I die,
I want to open
my heart to him
and shower
love on him
from the bottom
of my heart.

Yeah,I understand,
how love blossoms
in the moonlight
as well as
‘Life is a beautiful gift
and should be enjoyed’


©️ Jane Aguiar

Pic Credit:Pinterest

Written in response to:

What Do You See by Sadje


Thank you for reading.

Stay Blessed 💞