The Near End # Flash Fiction Challenge

Our boat inverted unknowingly, we were thrown into the water, darkness came before my eyes and not a single word uttered.

Husband tried to save me, but the water was pulling me away. I held my breath, so that water from the nose and mouth would not get into my stomach, even tried to paddle.

I tried desperately to get across the water,but I started to go under the barge that was anchored. My heart sank, when I saw the end near. Even in that situation, my eyes got wet in the water and I closed my eyes.

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#Flash Fiction Challenge – Millie’s Cooking Show

The best part of this show is that teams of two go into the kitchen and investigate what is left behind after something has been cooked. Once I was a part of it and we were judged on accuracy and taste.

We found squids, tiger prawns, and a few veggies. We first cooked Prawns and Squids Tentacles Chilli by adding veggies, then stuffed the squids with the chilli. The Judges liked it, as well as the way we added veggies, which may be an advantage to feed kids, who hate veggies. That day our collar was a bit high.

Stay Blessed!