Ode to love.. #ode

Love resides in the temple of the heart
Purity reigns in that house
God blesses those souls never to part
Love rules the mind and heart of the spouse

We should have no expectations
No demands and no hi-fi dreams
Only then do souls shower love on one another

We should have no regulations
No pride and no costly creams
Only then simple soul attracts each other

Copyright ©️ 2022 Jane Aguiar

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Two-way Process… #senryu

Confession of sins
people confess in double sense
the priest gets perplexed

A two-headed skull
depicts a two-way process
art that heals the heart

©️ Jane Aguiar

Written in response to: tankatuesday-weekly-poetry-challenge-no-290-ekphrastic-photoprompt

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Me … #Dizain #Poem

Made by me: rose and coffee soap

I don’t taste food until I smell
Orangy food makes me hungry
The fire burns, i know that well
Brownies spice food makes me angry

For bath, coffee soap is needed
Smell of coffee, penetrate nerve
The nerves are charged and seeded
The purpose is to write and serve

©️ Jane Aguiar

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You and I
long to meet each other and therefore struggle
to meet each other everyday.
We tell many lies to
our parents to make
our relationship work miracles and last till the end(s).
And now we have met, are meeting and will meet.

©️ Jane Aguiar

Written in response to: w3-prompt-17-weave-written-weekly

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Back To School….#Poetry. Published at Gobblers/ Masticadores.

I’m glad to announce that my poetry is published at Gobblers/Masticadores//Editores: Manuela Timofte/J re Crivello.

I thank Mr.J re Crivello, Director and founder of Gobblers/Masticadores and his team.

Back To School …#Poetry

God give me childhood,
don’t change my mood,
to go back to school,
to climb the stairs of the school.

To share an umbrella,
to wet my friend Ruella….

©️ Jane Aguiar

Pic Credit: Darlings

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माझी बाहुली(My Doll) #बडबडगीत #बालकविता

लहान माझी बाहुली,
छोटी तिची सावली.

रंग गोरा गोरापान,
मानेवर शोभतात केस छान.

आवडता रंग निळा,
पण घातलाय फ्रॉक काळा.

मऊ मऊ गाल,
ओठ लाल लाल.

दात जणू मोत्यांची माला,
अन् शरीर हाडांचा सापळा.

मान मोरासारखी लांब,
लग्नासाठी अजून काही वर्षे थांब.

My Doll

Little my doll,
little her shadow.

Color blonde blonde,
nice hair adorns the neck.

favorite color is blue,
but the frock is black.

Soft soft cheeks,
lips red red.

The teeth are like a string of pearls,
the body is a trap of bones.

neck is as long as a peacock,
wait a few more years for marriage.

©️ Jane Aguiar

Pic Credit: Flickr

Written in response to: https://wordeologist.wordpress.com/2022/06/13/the-saturday-symphony-29-inner-child-juneedition/

⭐ My primary education was in Marathi, so I loved doing nursery rhymes in Marathi. For those of you who do not understand Marathi, I have translated it into English but it did not become a rhyme in English.

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Prison! #Poem

Once passing by the prison
Thought came to my mind

Why such a big gate to this building?
and why is this compound wall so high?

I asked the reason
No one told me as, I was child!

I arrived here
Inside this big gate

Why there is no connection with the outside world?
and why outside world takes us as criminals?

I understood everything here
But now it’s too late!

To make easy money
We kidnapped our friend

Why, I didn’t listen to my parents?
and why parents didn’t keep an eye on my friends?

Or else I would’ve not done kidnapping and robbery
In a company of bad friends!

Understood this is a dark life
So, completed further education

Why people don’t accept criminals, when they try to live good life?
and why criminals don’t get a chance to become a good person?

So, to start a good life
I want to wipe the stain!

©️ janeaguiar

Pic. Credit:Only In Your State

Written in response to: Reena’s xploration Challenge

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Halloows’ Eve!

Moon reflects bleached coral view
Calls of magical souls receive
Costumes of halloween or something new
On all hallows eve!!

Hey, sense the spirit of halloween
You may receive what is unseen
Curious detectors can be seen
Carved pumpkins and the light within!!

When the bogeyman knocks
You might get shocks
Don’t look at the clocks
Say goodbye to all of them,folks!

This post is part of Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

In Goa, Priests offer Mass for the “Souls of native”, in the last week of October. Hallows Eve is celebrated here in Goa, but not like the carnival. On the 1st November, “All Saints Day” and 2nd November, “All Souls Day”. We attend Mass in the Church or in the Cemetery

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Am I getting old? : Poem

Eyes wide open,
breath kept on hold.
Staring at the new one,
Am I getting old?

Credit: https://pin.it/Af0cvDl

All duties are done,
still no one told.
You changed your tone,
Am I getting old?

Guarded your home,
from thieves, because I’m bold.
Still new member is come,
Am I getting old?

This post is part of What Do You See by Sadje

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