From start to finish..#poetry

From start to finish, I apply
Now waiting for your reply

Thinking about, what the result will be
Mind is distracted but I’ll deal with it, you see

This love has taken a toll on me
I only think of you and me

This union can be a mystery
There may also be past life history

I was trying to write our story
By mistake, you became my poetry

Is that, why you like my poetry?
And I love to read your short story?

©️ Jane Aguiar

Pic Credit:Poppy Shopping

Written in response to: w3-prompt-13-weave-written-weekly/

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Crawls Around #ReverseEtheree

Like a lover crawls around his girlfriend
the butterfly crawls on the flowers
they try to seduce each other
the joy of satisfaction
experience of love
in togetherness
the nectar sucked
both of them

©️ janeaguiar

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⭐I tried Reverse Etheree for the first time. Please, let me know about it.🙏

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Rainbow Of Fruits #ButterflyCinquain

Alfonso mangoes

Kokum, Amla
famous Alfonso Mangoes
Strawberries,Soursop and Cashews
tempts you
suitable iron rich red soil
equable moist climate
makes Goa rich
by fruits

Unripe Strawberries
Soursop (Indian Noni)

©️ janeaguiar

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Colleen’s Syllabic Challenge

⭐We were told to write a Butterfly Cinquain poem using a colour but I don’t know to change font colour.

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