Let’s fall in love once again.. #Prose_poetry. Published at Gobblers/ Masticadores.

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Let’s fall in Love once again..#Prose_poetry

Let’s travel by bus once again and enjoy heavenly bliss, climb the steps of the college like the altar of a church. Let’s bunk another lecture to meet in the canteen to enjoy our company.
Oh baby, Let’s fall in love once again.

Let’s go for a walk on the beach, carve our name in the sand like a signature in a registrar office, and build the house of our dreams.
Oh baby, let’s fall in love once again.

Let’s be angry and argue with one another, control one another’s behavior…..

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Copyright ©️ 2022 Jane Aguiar

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Dark Spell… #prosepoetry #haibun #ekphrastic-poem

where dawn meets the dusk
my arms outstretched for a hug
became straight line

Kir stretches out his arms to embrace Zhenya passionately

With the help of a dark spell, she forces him to love her again but she chants the wrong spell and stops the fountain, the flow of water and time.

the season’s image
reflection in calm water
like soul’s mirror image

He deceives her in love but she loves him deeply
After learning that she will be the mother of his child, she wants him back
She meets a Yogini and learns a dark spell interestingly

In the wedding ceremony of the lovers,
she recites, ‘I am yours and you are mine’
Thinks that her best friend and her groom are true lovers

She steps down and falls.
The groom helps her, though it disrupts their wedding
As she chants, her lover re-enters her life only to shower love like heavy rainfall

He is so engrossed in love that he is not even aware of the child
Loves only and does not allow to take care of the baby
Finally, bored and panicked, she becomes wild

Plans to kill him and an accident occurs
Even after he dies, his soul yearns
to become forever hers

Amo” I love you!
love deeply from head to toe
dark spell, drowns me in you

Copyright ©️2022 Jane Aguiar

Pic Credit: Dark spell

Written in response to:

what-do-you-see-156 by Sadje

tankatuesday-poetry-challenge-no-294-10-18-22-ekphrastic-photoprompt by Colleen

w3-prompt-25-weave-written-weekly by David

⭐” Amo” means boss. She becomes the boss as she rules his soul.

⭐⭐ I tried to write idyll haibun for #tankatuesday-syllabic-poetry (one prose and one haiku) according to the rule, the title should connect to the poem.

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What is love? #Prosepoetry

Love is the elephant in the room when it comes to poetry because in the past our kings used to invade other kingdoms and conquer other empires by war and abduct their princesses; not only abducted, but also married to them and used to roll around in bed under the influence of alcohol.

They did not care about age, subjects, or their other queens. Does the kidnapped princess really want to marry him? No one cared. Everything happened on strength.

Perhaps the princess felt that an insect was crawling on her body and perhaps she hated love.

Other queens must have often felt their value diminished.

They were always drunk. Courts were not held, judgments were not administered, thefts were on the increase and they were blessed to have women at their feet.

The boundaries of these women were only husband, hearth and child.

It wasn’t love, just lust. They were so consumed with lust that they rolled on the bed like a lazy elephant rolling in mud.

When they sensed danger, they could not look back like an elephant because they were in lust and had no choice but to run away. Those ran were cut down.

Love is a sacred feeling, it cannot be scratched, it cannot be forced. Love is earned by love. Love is defined differently, isn’t it?

©️ Jane Aguiar

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