Strawberry Moon #tankaprose


I looked out of my kitchen window on
Tuesday night (14/06/2022) and was surprised to see the yellow moon. It was attractive to look at and remained attractive until Wednesday morning.

It looked 90% bigger than usual. This happens especially when the Moon’s orbit is closer to the Earth – giving it the appearance of an even larger and brighter full moon.

I gathered more information about it on Google. It read ‘Strawberry Moon is not red or pink. The name comes from the Native American Algonquin tribe who used the Strawberry Moon to collect June strawberries according to the old farmer’s almanack.

Last full moon of spring
the time of great abundance
appeared in the sky
rays pass through the densest layers
evocative imagery

©️ Jane Aguiar

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Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Strawberry Moon

Colleen’s Syllabic Poetry

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Incomplete Story…#haibun Published at Gobblers/ Masticadores

I’m happy to announce that mine ‘Prose envelope haibun ‘ is published at Gobblers/Masticadores//Editores: Manuela Timofte/J re Crivello.

I’m blessed, so thank Mr.J re Crivello, Director and founder of Gobblers/Masticadores and his team.

Here is my ‘Prose envelope haibun’

Incomplete Story…..#haibun

She was rushed to a hospital due to labour pain. As soon as she was admitted, they took her to the operating theatre. Her BP was fluctuating and her pulse rate was increasing. The baby was fine after the operation but her bleeding did not stop.

Her bleeding continued for two hours, so……..

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©️ Jane Aguiar

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Demands #haibun

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Late Post

With the help of black magic, she invoked his spirit. She made up her mind to unite with his soul by chanting mantras in penance. So,she called his spirit at midnight of the new moon. His soul connected to her and complained….

Life burned like a candle
sacrificed happiness
to fulfil demands

©️ Jane Aguiar

⭐I tried to write idyll haibun for the first time.( one prose and one haiku) according to the rule, the title should connect to the poem.

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Unsuccessful Plan #Prose & Poetry

One day we all friends planned to hang out at midnight. I waited till everyone in the house went to sleep and then left the house.

Out of excitement I left the keys to the door. As I was going out without informing anyone in the house, I pushed my bike a little distance and then drove away.

We had planned to meet under the bridge at midnight, but after covering some distance, I realized my mistake of forgetting the keys to the door and so I went back.

Now in a panic I drove my bike straight to the main door. On hearing the sound of my bike Dad woke up and came to the window to check and I was caught. Our plan of hanging out and having fun flopped because of those keys.

This was the situation of my mind

out in
the middle
of the night goes

©️ janeaguiar

Pic. Credit: Issuu

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Fandango’s Story Starter

What Do You See

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Fears Of A Rooster # Prose & Poetry

One day, the house of the owner of Rooster and Kitty(a female cat) smells like mistress is cooking something delicious.

While playing, Rooster asks Kitty to peek through the kitchen window. Kitty climbs on Rooster’s body and peeks into the kitchen, where she sees Rooster’s wife’s wings in the kitchen. After glancing around, when she sees chicken and potatoes being cooked in a pot, Kitty immediately recognizes what the mistress is cooking.

Rooster’s eyes darken because his wife had just laid nine eggs and his plan was to give life to all nine eggs. She was going to sit on eggs, but something different happened here.

Another bad thing happens, the owner thinks of making mixed fried rice as a guest will come to the house.The mistress picks up an egg, and when she touches it, the egg becomes frightened.

The one who is stupid becomes overwhelmed, when he sees others pain.

One goes into depression thinking, “Today is you, tomorrow is me.”

One understands, today is the turn of the other, tomorrow I may also have this turn, so It becomes sad.

One thinks, we get the best life . It is happy thinking that God is making good use of us.

The last one is Joyful, it thinks, whatever happens, happens for the better and God’s plans God knows.

Here, Kitty cleanses the rooster, just as she cleans her limbs by spitting, so she cleans the Rooster by spitting. Rooster comes to consciousness but his condition is not good. His condition is expressed in this tanka.

No expectations
Dreams shattered in a minute
Human’s tasty buds
Not allows us to survive
God! What kind of life is this?

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