God Exists #senryu #tanka

desperate prayers
God is under pressure now
to show existence

water becomes ice
ice melts and becomes water
it’s reversible
water turns into the steam
steam turns back into water

silvery white silk
profuse feathers on the back
are you an angel?

Copyright ©️ 2022 Jane Aguiar

Pic credit: Media storehouse


Written in response to:

what-do-you-see-160- by Sadje

Reenas-xploration-challenge-256 by Reena

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Temporary.. #senryu

the forest dwellers
reached the town in search of prey
it’s a human trap

can’t break inner strength
the wires of an enclosure
It’s temporary!

Copyright ©️ 2022 Jane Aguiar

Written in response to:

reenas-xploration-challenge-250 by Reena

what-do-you-see-153 by Sadje

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Ready to shower
gilded sun with golden rays
golden fairyland

Ah! midnight today,
a deadline for assignment,
What and how to do?

©️ Jane Aguiar

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A new ray #Villanelle

I lost a lover along the way
Reveals deep pain
But transformation, a new ray

A broken flower likes to hang but does not fall
You said,’you hurt me too much,enough Jane’
I lost a lover along the way

Recharge the system, I love it all
A broken heart stands again
But transformation, a new ray

Love has taken its toll
Brain runs like a metro train
I lost a lover along the way

A withered flower has to live till it falls
Life needs little rain
But transformation, a new ray

Respond to me before nightfall
Don’t like strain
I lost a lover along the way
But transformation, a new ray

©️ Jane Aguiar

Written in response to:

Reena’s xploration Challenge -246

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Dual Identity #Poetry

There are people
in this world
who wear two masks
on their face,
who will tell
good things about you
in front of you
and tell
bad things about you
to others
behind you.

They have
no mercy.
No matter
how well you behave,
if you make progress,
they will criticise you
and try to harm you.

They have
a crab mentality.
“If I can’t have it, neither can you.”

Just as crabs,
they pull
each other down,
They do not
progress themselves
and do not
allow others
to progress.

If you wear
simple clothes,
they will
discredit you
and if you wear
expensive clothes,
you will be

are found
and have
a dual identity.

©️ Jane Aguiar

Written in response to:

Reena’s xploration Challenge -no-mercy

What Do You See by Sadje

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Should all be clarified….. #Poetry

Even standing
in front
of the mirror,
I reflect behind me.
Should this be called life?

My school closed
and I got bored
at home.
All the scams outside.
Is this life?

Why the scam
of others
in my life?

Vague reflections,
vague existence
and vague life
should all be clarified.

©️ Jane Aguiar

Image credit: Kelly Ann Tan on Unsplash

Written in response to:

Reena’s xploration Challenge

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Permanent #Poetry

college friends
lost under the weight
of work
came together in an

unknowable way.

So meeting
each other
was incredible
and unfamiliar
their love
for each other
was boundless

and unexplainable.

All three
were invited
for the carnival parade
as judges.

After the meeting,
some memories
of college
came to light.
There was a lot of laughter

and some gossip.

They had learned
the hard lessons
of life
and were relieved
to learn them.
They knew
that everything
was fleeting

and that nothing was permanent.

©️ Jane Aguiar

Written in response to:

Reena’s xploration Challenge

What Do You See – Sadje

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The Haunted Bungalow

There was a small, beautiful bungalow on the seashore, where Jimmy lived with his wife and two cute children.

This bungalow was very old and was built during the Portuguese period, So the bungalow had Portuguese style stone carving. There was a garden in the middle of the bungalow and the head of their house had been buried there for a maximum of 100 years back.

A black stone table tomb was erected in his honor and a few words were engraved on it; that tomb was highly revered at that time. It was considered a historic tomb.


The family never visited their neighbours nor they invited them to their house. So far this family lived on the wealth of that chief. The family was bizarre and haunted. That is why people named the bungalow haunted.

Every weekend they used to perform black magic near the tomb. They were lighting lamps around the tomb, carrying lemons, etc, and worshiping the tomb. They thought they were all pleasing their chief. They were piercing the lemon with needles one by one and telling their chief to relieve their grief. For this reason, the chief’s soul was being harassed.

Music was being played to keep all this away from the neighbours. So the neighbours didn’t know what was going on in that bungalow. Later, a needle- pierced lemon was placed in a three-lane area. It is believed that anyone who crosses this lemon gets their bad wishes and these people get rid of the bad sign and gain prosperity.

Jimmy was a small businessman. Earnings were nothing but he was pretending to be earning more.

Due to COVID – 19 pandemic, people started spending more time at home. People stopped going out and shopping when there was no reason. Few lost their jobs and spent less money.

The storm of corona hit Jimmy’s life hard and fast. It was time to shut down his business. The business needed to be revived. At the same time, online business has gained momentum. In order to attract customers he started, offers like ‘Buy One Get One Free’. However, the earnings were small and the losses were high. He knew something had to be done as soon as possible. But he did not know what to do.There was a lot of stuff in the store that he had to put down quickly. He was selling the item for half the price. Even though he was not getting customers. Some of the things were getting rusty because the climate was hot and humid. It often occurred to him that it would be better to change the course of his business.

He could not keep a sales girl, so his wife used to go to his aid in the evenings and take the children with her.

One day, on their way home, they had a car accident. His car was hit by a tipper truck, shattering the entire family.

One evening, I was taking a walk on the beach, I noticed the light in the bungalow, so out of curiosity I went there to see, who was there in the bungalow. I heard the music as I entered the bungalow, but what I saw inside the bungalow was so frightening.

I saw the same family there. All their eyes were thin and reddish black. They all had their hair loose and dressed in white. All of them had long fingernails and blood in their mouths. All their necks were on the same side (turned to the left). The most important thing is that they were performing black magic and dancing around the table tomb. I was stunned by seeing that. My legs began to tremble and my teeth began to grind. Danger lighted in my mind.

In that situation, I did one Lanturne.

at the seashore

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Reena’s xplorarion Challenge #202

Write Photo by K L Caley

Fandango’s Story Starter #14

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Black magic had traditionally refered to the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes. It’s a superstition.

For Reena’s xploration challenge, the word selected is Customer and it’s derived words : storm, store and out

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Longhorn Crazy 🐜 #Monologue

Shh …. What a mess. These trees are rotten and dirty. When will this man come to his senses? Apart from managing his oxygen banks, this man is destroying forests.

I was grumbling and suddenly my foot slipped and I fell into the water below the tree. My luck was strong, so I fell on the leaf of a Peepal tree.

Hey….what do you say. What kind of ?

You can see it in front of any temple. It has heart-shaped leaves.

Yes … that’s it.

But since the leaf was in the water, I had to stick to it.

Hey….What do you think? ….I’m a black ant.

My name is Longhorn Crazy. This is my scientific name but my biological name is different.

What did you ask? Scientific name mean?

Scientific is the name given by a scientist and biological is the name given by parents….Got it now?

So, what was I saying?

Yes…. that night was the night of the new moon. There were no moon or stars in the sky. Dark night….. Darkness was everywhere. There was an empire of darkness. I thought that even if I moved a little, I would be immersed in the water, so I held the leaf tightly but did not eat the leaf out of hunger. If I eat the leaf, the leaf will get a hole and it will drown me. I just kept watching how and where the Peepal leaf goes.

What do you say, why, could not do anything?

I kept praying to God. Finally one day the Peepal leaf started to edge. I somehow got down and inspected the place.

What do you say, What kind of survey?

If you reach the ground after so many days, you don’t have to see if the place is safe or not.

I didn’t see any acquaintances. I was alone. A little further on, I met a friend. Her name was Anochetus Graeffei.

She took me to her house and there I felt “I was a stranger in a very strange land“, because they all made their home under the black stone and everyone had a golden color. They were all golden and I was the only black among them.

I have expressed my black color in this poem.

more lavished,
villains portrayed,
darkness represented,
by lazy and easy black colour!!

elegant appeal,
bold and powerful,
mysterious evil,
shown by lazy and easy black colour!!

Reveals dark arts,
absorbs UV rays,
presents negative traits,
this lazy and easy black colour!!

Without distinguishing between black and white, we remain united. Let’s help each other,wherever we go on this earth, let us remember one thing, we are all human beings and our only religion is humanity.

It’s too late, I’ll come again …. Let’s see when we meet….. Bye.

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Colour discrimination is mentioned only for the colour challenge and not to hurt anyone.