Broken Pieces… #rhyme

On the bench of my village school
You told me, Jane, ‘you’re beautiful’

You were taking care of me
I was proud of you and me

The other girls were jealous
Every visit of yours made me nervous

I was trying to study
Your image was coming, my dear buddy

You were going to football practice
Your favorite dialogue, ‘Ma’am, I’m at your service ‘

One day a new girl came to school
You were looking at her, like a fool

You rented a heart and didn’t pay the rent,
You ignored the heart signals I sent

It was as If you had never seen a girl
She showed attitude with her curves and curls

You made her the destiny
To fight, I’m not an attorney

You broke my heart into tiny pieces
I don’t like these animal species

Copyright ©️ 2022 Jane Aguiar

⭐💫 May 2023 be a happy and successful year to all of you.💕

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Hey everyone,

I hope you all are doing well by the grace of God.

I am very happy to announce that I participated in the poetry competition “Hashtag Kalakar” and was placed 86th out of 11,980 entries.

My writing will be featured in their January edition magazine. I got the soft copy of it a few days ago and the ranking email yesterday. Thank you for your blessings!

With the magic of sight
In the starlite night
You stealed my heart
To never apart

We planted a rose
Daily water, is it’s dose
My angles of the lips
I’ve sealed with clips

Enter my mind
To digest my thoughts and grind
Just look at me
Just look back at me

Give me a shore
Please assure
Your presence is supreme
Can you imagine, why do I dream?

(86th rank)

⭐⭐(The featured poem is kept secret, I don’t know about it)

Copyright ©️ 2022 Jane Aguiar

Pic credit: Princess

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माझी बाहुली(My Doll) #बडबडगीत #बालकविता

लहान माझी बाहुली,
छोटी तिची सावली.

रंग गोरा गोरापान,
मानेवर शोभतात केस छान.

आवडता रंग निळा,
पण घातलाय फ्रॉक काळा.

मऊ मऊ गाल,
ओठ लाल लाल.

दात जणू मोत्यांची माला,
अन् शरीर हाडांचा सापळा.

मान मोरासारखी लांब,
लग्नासाठी अजून काही वर्षे थांब.

My Doll

Little my doll,
little her shadow.

Color blonde blonde,
nice hair adorns the neck.

favorite color is blue,
but the frock is black.

Soft soft cheeks,
lips red red.

The teeth are like a string of pearls,
the body is a trap of bones.

neck is as long as a peacock,
wait a few more years for marriage.

©️ Jane Aguiar

Pic Credit: Flickr

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⭐ My primary education was in Marathi, so I loved doing nursery rhymes in Marathi. For those of you who do not understand Marathi, I have translated it into English but it did not become a rhyme in English.

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A Naive Young Man….. Published at Gobblers/Masticadores

I am very much excited to announce that another poem of mine is published at Gobblers/Masticadores//Editores: Manuela Timofte/J re Crivello

I would like to thank MR. JUAN RE CRIVELLO Director and founder of Gobblers/Masticadores and his team.

Here is my poem.

A Naive Young Man #Rhyme

Company owner was liable,
so he expected someone credible.
All selected youth were eligible
and everyone was desirable!!

Chosen candidates were sensible…..

I would be honored, if you Visit here and read my rest of poem.

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Pic. Credit:Pinterest

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Fusion and Infusion #Rhyme

There was exclusion
on mosquitoes profusion,
still they met in seclusion.
The females had a fusion
which in confusion
their fusion and infusion,
the duo hurriedly did a transfusion!!

Males showed intrusion
took females in collusion
and started perfusion.
They were aware of occlusion
still did diffusion.
All involved in the inclusion,
eventually spreaded corona in conclusion!!

©️ Jane Aguiar

Pic. Credit: Pinterest

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Down The Hill #Rhyme

In the corner of my mind,
Kailash peak settled,
as the wish was not fulfilled,
my mind got angry and battled!!

Like a bird it flew away,
and began to sway,
but, I did a little delay,
and succeeded in my survey!!

Soon my mind got frown,
scared as the temperature was down,
understood, it’s better to settle down,
down the hill and far from the town!!

©️ janeaguiar

Pic credit:Pinterest,Cabo de Rama Beach(Goa)

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Santa Claus #Rhyme

Santa Claus came down
and visited my town
danced round and round
stamping feet on the ground!!

My Persian cat
jumped on his hat
the cat is too fat
so in fear he sat!!

The cat dragged her claws
with anger opened jaws
his dance got a pause
everything happens for a cause!!

So Santa requests all of us
to celebrate Christmas
as birth of Jesus
and to welcome the baby Jesus!!

©️ janeaguiar

Pic. Credit:Pinterest

Written in response to:

Reena’s xploration Challenge

Mind Love Miserys Menagerie

⭐People forgot the meaning of Christmas. They celebrate by dance and dine and not by attending mid night Mass. They don’t pray and welcome baby Jesus. Christmas means the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God.

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Honesty #Rhyme

The farmer wanted stability,
decided to give his property,
asked to prove superiority,
gave his sons a room that was empty!!

Everyone decided to show capability,
began to find their specialty,
to prove the credibility,
each one had become sticky!!

The eldest son had anxiety,
he thought about the necessity,
filled the room with commodity,
he showed the utility!!

The middle son was snooty,
he didn’t have sobriety,
filled grass and showed quantity,
irritably did his duty!!

Younger son had modesty,
to prove his identity,
he prayed with integrity,
and showed his morality!!

Farmer entered to see disparity,
each one was trying to show capability,
duty was given to community,
judgement was done on quality!!

The youngest son had loyalty,
judges attracted towards purity,
devotional atmosphere and chastity,
especially his honesty!!

©️ janeaguiar

Pic. Credit:Aproximar de Deus

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I left the camp… #Rhyme

Postal office staff went to camp
everyone who came was a champ
my foot slipped off the ramp
I stuck directly to the clamp!!

The land was slightly damp
and I got a cramp
as there was no light of the lamp
I stamped those coloured stamps!!

I tried to revamp
decided to reduce scamps
hid myself in the gamp
with fear I left the camp!!

©️ janeaguiar

Pic. Credit: Camp Hack

Written in response to: WRITE PHOTO by KL Caley

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Halloows’ Eve!

Moon reflects bleached coral view
Calls of magical souls receive
Costumes of halloween or something new
On all hallows eve!!

Hey, sense the spirit of halloween
You may receive what is unseen
Curious detectors can be seen
Carved pumpkins and the light within!!

When the bogeyman knocks
You might get shocks
Don’t look at the clocks
Say goodbye to all of them,folks!

This post is part of Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

In Goa, Priests offer Mass for the “Souls of native”, in the last week of October. Hallows Eve is celebrated here in Goa, but not like the carnival. On the 1st November, “All Saints Day” and 2nd November, “All Souls Day”. We attend Mass in the Church or in the Cemetery

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