Music Of The Heart #poetry


When I feel lonely
And sit staring blankly
Close my eyes sadly
And listen to the song deeply

My favourite sad song (Hindi)
Lag Ja Gale by Late Lata Mangeshkar

When I feel romance
Nothing is left to chance
I ignore them all at once
And enjoy our dance

Mostly played song for weddings(Konkani)
Mog Sasnacho by Alison Gonsalves and Ancy

When my emotions thrive
I go for a long drive
Deep into the songs, i dive
And relive

All season songs (English and Marathi)
Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding
Kitida Navyane Tula Aathvave by Arya Ambekar

Someone played this song, on drums
Dreamed about me in his dreams
And took permission from my Mum

Sweet song forever
Lisbon Girl by Glenn Perry

Susan Dukelow

©️ Jane Aguiar

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माझी बाहुली(My Doll) #बडबडगीत #बालकविता

लहान माझी बाहुली,
छोटी तिची सावली.

रंग गोरा गोरापान,
मानेवर शोभतात केस छान.

आवडता रंग निळा,
पण घातलाय फ्रॉक काळा.

मऊ मऊ गाल,
ओठ लाल लाल.

दात जणू मोत्यांची माला,
अन् शरीर हाडांचा सापळा.

मान मोरासारखी लांब,
लग्नासाठी अजून काही वर्षे थांब.

My Doll

Little my doll,
little her shadow.

Color blonde blonde,
nice hair adorns the neck.

favorite color is blue,
but the frock is black.

Soft soft cheeks,
lips red red.

The teeth are like a string of pearls,
the body is a trap of bones.

neck is as long as a peacock,
wait a few more years for marriage.

©️ Jane Aguiar

Pic Credit: Flickr

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⭐ My primary education was in Marathi, so I loved doing nursery rhymes in Marathi. For those of you who do not understand Marathi, I have translated it into English but it did not become a rhyme in English.

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Nobita and Shizuka Love

Come, my darling,
and hold my hand in your hand.
Never let go of my hand,
so don’t dodge me.Come closer.

Come closer,
and let me find
my image in your eyes,
so don’t go away. Come, let’s look at each other.

Come, let’s look at each other,
and let me find
a little love for me,
so don’t ignore.Come, pay attention to me,

Come, pay attention to me,
and let me find
my future in you,
so don’t say a word. Come, surrender yourself to me,

Come, surrender yourself to me,
and let me find
some similarities between us,
so don’t be sad. Come, sorrow always brings happiness,

Come, sorrow always brings happiness,
and let me find
some happiness in you,
so let us live and let others live.

©️ Jane Aguiar

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Love Debate #collaboration #poetry #prose

Jude, a well known poet of the WordPress community and I have published this collaboration post.

I thank him for cooperation and support.

Love Debate

There is a difference between having love, and being loved
Each one is a blessing, each one a curse
At its core love is pure
It takes all and makes it work

And yet the deepest hate comes from loving
And the greatest aches from being loved
We are blessed for a moment, to be cursed for eternity
For at its core, love is simply pain
It takes all and leaves us bare

You cannot measure love with scales
You feel it in …..

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(Mango tree and corner of my 🏠)

Beautiful name,
Malcorado (Mankurad)
Worldwide fame
and high demand.

Sparrows build nests,
snakes release their skins on branches.
Every day in the shade I rest,
attend webinars, workshops
and online classes.

Branches sway on the house,
to provide a shady roof,
children follow the signs
by hiding the treasure at the base.

For the ceremony,
a pylon of your leaves
is hung on the door.

For weddings,
a coconut is placed on a small kalash
and decorated with your leaves.
Exchanged and followed as tradition.

We get Juicy fruits,
purplish pink wild orchid flowers,
furniture, showpiece and firewood.
from you.

You are useful from root to leaf,
Is this the reason, you are called Kalpavriksha for ages?

(Coconut store room and Mangoes)

©️ Jane Aguiar

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“Realms of the mist”, by Author, Jude Itakali #Book #Review

Jude Itakali, a well-known poet and writer from my WordPress community, has published a novel. This is the first book in his book series and it’s name is “Realms of the mist” Part – I. I am sharing my thoughts on the same.

Kamau is a member of a group of people known as Hadiza who are part of the Veil.
They are endowed with some divine powers for example, being close to spirits, having abilities, coming together in various remedies, taking the form of animals and they are trained to enter the spiritual world where they interact with the human soul, both dead and alive, but to make good use of that divine power, they must control and suppress their human emotions.Otherwise, it can affect the people around them and their spiritual service.

Kamau finds it difficult to control his emotions because of the sudden death of his sister Kimya. After Kimya’s sudden death, Kamau’s frustration turns to anger, and at the same time, while searching for the truth about his sister’s death, he is introduced to an intelligent brown-eyed girl,Irina.

Irina cleverly accompanies him on his journey. Each stage of their journey reveals many adversities. He has to overcome many difficulties and pay the price because the truth does not come easily.

I like the protagonist of this story because he controls himself while being carried away by emotions. He never gives up on his goal.

There are other characters in the story. For example, Commander Nakai (Irina’s mother), Ninuwe and old Man Mutumba. These personas are also very interesting.

This is the first book in the series that has aroused my curiosity. I hope that in the next series I will find the answers to my questions

I loved the story and it touched my heart. I think it’s fun to read fictional stories when we’re in the real world.

⭐ Book is now available for purchase HERE

Jude’s blog: Tales Told Different

Twitter account:@jude_clutch

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