Since Eternity…#shadorma #poetry

Red Red Rose
took a perfect pose
to propose
and God gave
right task for the right flower
since eternity

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Next To Her #cinquain #senryu #poetry.

The two lovers
used to love
each other
very much.

They believed,
their love
was as delicate
and beautiful
as a peacock’s feather.

Both of them
used to swear
in the moonlight
and chat about love.

One day
a strange situation arose.
The girl died
in an accident.

The boy
was transformed
into a chain smoker
and an alcoholic.

He lost
the will to live.
In her memory,
he wandered far
and wide alone,
and died a few days later.

His only last wish
was that
‘his body be buried next to her’.

event changed life
heart overtook the mind
the mind turned to a transition
with love

Digital device
some happy moments clicked
in a place of rest

Šī¸ Jane Aguiar

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What Do You See

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Our Lady #Tanka

Our lady visited
about two years later now
festive occasion
anger resentment forgot
grand celebration was held

Šī¸ janeaguiar

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#Poetry Challenge No. 248


with perfect

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Himalayan flowers and roots have been used in medicine since ancient times.💜

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#TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 247 #SynonymsOnly

The falling sunset
Rays overpowers darkness
Emerges all shades
The fall of vivid colours
over the cheeks of the earth

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Synonyms for Twilight and Hue are Sunset and Shade

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