Strawberry Moon #tankaprose


I looked out of my kitchen window on
Tuesday night (14/06/2022) and was surprised to see the yellow moon. It was attractive to look at and remained attractive until Wednesday morning.

It looked 90% bigger than usual. This happens especially when the Moon’s orbit is closer to the Earth – giving it the appearance of an even larger and brighter full moon.

I gathered more information about it on Google. It read ‘Strawberry Moon is not red or pink. The name comes from the Native American Algonquin tribe who used the Strawberry Moon to collect June strawberries according to the old farmer’s almanack.

Last full moon of spring
the time of great abundance
appeared in the sky
rays pass through the densest layers
evocative imagery

©️ Jane Aguiar

Written in response to:

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Strawberry Moon

Colleen’s Syllabic Poetry

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Sure Vibes #tankaprose

Climate change, suddenly it started to rain.
A strong wind blew.
The trees were uprooted
and I got stuck on my way home.
I heard your sweet voice,
you were looking for me by phone.
I could not respond.

Love pumped in the blood
i plunged deep into it
heart’s desire doubled
a machine message failed but
souls connected with sure vibes

©️ Jane Aguiar

Written in response to:

What Do You See by Sadje

Colleen’s Specific Form Tankaprose

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Sketchy Life #tankaprose

Once the fire was burning with anger. The flames rose so high that sparks were soaring in the sky. The Gods were so frightened that they ran to God Varuna and he arranged rain to calm the fire.

From then on, the fire seemed to have something attractive in the water. He found her cool and sweet. So when water falls on him, his anger calms down, but the water realises how hot the fire was and how difficult it was to live with him.

The two still love each other, but from a distance, as the water tries to get closer to the fire, it evaporates.

Your fragrance in me
reminds me of the rainbow
come back o’ my life
fickle mind is not stable
life without you is sketchy

©️ Jane Aguiar

Pic Credit: Pinterest

Written in response to:

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – soaring

⭐ I had to give a home visit last week due to the low number of children in our school and so I couldn’t publish or visit your blogs. I apologise.

The education system is suffering as children drop out of school. Knowing their problems, we are now trying to solve them.

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End of One Valentine #tankaprose

A good man died and went to heaven. The door to heaven was closed and two clocks hung on the door wall. One was showing the time on earth and the other was showing the time in heaven.

As soon as he reached the gates of heaven, he was welcomed by God’s clerk then God’s clerk warned him not to get any stuff inside. The good man said, ‘I didn’t get anything with me.’

God’s clerk said, ‘Please take the weight off your head.’ The good man asked, ‘What weight and how to lower it?

The clerk of God answered, ‘Give up all your hopes and aspirations.If you fall in love with someone, get rid of it. Lighten your mind, then the door of heaven will open for you.’

Clerk continued, ‘I want to read your whole life before God, then God will decide what to do with you, whether to send you to heaven or again to the same hell by giving rebirth.

A busy schedule
brought a sudden stop to life
severe heart attack
valuable life wasted
the end of one valentine

©️ Jane Aguiar

Written in response to:

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Fears Of A Rooster # Prose & Poetry

One day, the house of the owner of Rooster and Kitty(a female cat) smells like mistress is cooking something delicious.

While playing, Rooster asks Kitty to peek through the kitchen window. Kitty climbs on Rooster’s body and peeks into the kitchen, where she sees Rooster’s wife’s wings in the kitchen. After glancing around, when she sees chicken and potatoes being cooked in a pot, Kitty immediately recognizes what the mistress is cooking.

Rooster’s eyes darken because his wife had just laid nine eggs and his plan was to give life to all nine eggs. She was going to sit on eggs, but something different happened here.

Another bad thing happens, the owner thinks of making mixed fried rice as a guest will come to the house.The mistress picks up an egg, and when she touches it, the egg becomes frightened.

The one who is stupid becomes overwhelmed, when he sees others pain.

One goes into depression thinking, “Today is you, tomorrow is me.”

One understands, today is the turn of the other, tomorrow I may also have this turn, so It becomes sad.

One thinks, we get the best life . It is happy thinking that God is making good use of us.

The last one is Joyful, it thinks, whatever happens, happens for the better and God’s plans God knows.

Here, Kitty cleanses the rooster, just as she cleans her limbs by spitting, so she cleans the Rooster by spitting. Rooster comes to consciousness but his condition is not good. His condition is expressed in this tanka.

No expectations
Dreams shattered in a minute
Human’s tasty buds
Not allows us to survive
God! What kind of life is this?

This post is part of Reena’s xploration Challenge

This is what we all think💜

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Revenge Part I #Flash Fiction

Shruti got married and came home with her husband. Her husband’s parents kept their honeymoon in a famous 5 star hotel instead of at home. Shruti’s friends teased her and let her go.”Tell us tomorrow, who among you won,” her friend said jokingly. Somehow Shruti was embarrassed.

Their honeymoon room was decorated. There were rose petals all over the bed. There was soft music in the room. The scent of room freshener was everywhere. There was a pleasant atmosphere everywhere and in a glass bowl in the middle of the room, there were rose petals in rose water and in the middle a pink candle was burning. The edges of the bed were decorated with garlands of jasmine flowers.

She sat up in bed, stunned because she had never worn such a heavy sari and had never worn so many gold ornaments. It was all too heavy for her.

She had not slept the night before because of the large number of visitors. Still, she was eagerly waiting for her husband, dreaming of a happy life.

When she woke up in the morning, her husband was nowhere to be seen. She was alone and there was sleep in her eyes. She got up and looked for him in the washroom. He was nowhere to be seen.

Just then someone knocked on the door of the room and she opened the door. Her husband was standing outside with a bouquet.


As soon as he entered the room. He said, “You are very proud of money. When I proposed to you two years ago, you scolded me and said, ‘Improve your body and lifestyle and then propose to a girl like me. Now look, I made a body, money and plastic surgery to make you fit. Look, I’m back”. she said,you came back, but we are meeting for the first time”.

He said,”You are a fool and I don’t have time to talk to foolish people.”You can try. I will be here at this spot for the next two hours from now.(he shows her the image), “If you want to apologize and rub your nose on my feet, come on”.( hits the following image on her face)


He didn’t stop to watch her react. He didn’t hear her, threw a bouquet on her face, slammed the door and left.

Shruti didn’t know what to do, so she controlled herself and returned to her parents’ house. Everyone at home started asking, what happened? Is there a quarrel? How did she come alone and why didn’t her husband come? How did you come back without going to your husband’s house? The family bombarded her with questions but she could not hear anything.

She went straight to her room. She took off her heavy clothes and jewelry and threw them into the room. Wearing blue jeans and a black T-shirt, carrying her father’s pistol in her hand, she went out to do black acts. She was angry that her family’s reputation had been tarnished. She was literally trembling with anger. Thoughts were coming to her mind just as fast as she was driving the car…….

I have expressed her feelings like this:

Anger filled in me
I couldn’t wait to meet you
Symmetric building
Left the house with an anger
For tranquility of mind

This post is part of Colleen’s Syllabic Challenge # Tanka poem

Write photo – Folly

Eugi’s weekly prompt – Bouquet

Reena’s Xploration Challenge – Prompt#199

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Synonyms chosen here are for Family – House and for peace – Tranquility. I tried Tanka poem for the first time.