Happiness forever…#chain_verse

pink mist of the winter season
season that brings lovers closer
closer so that they become one
one and only one relation

relation that lasts and grows fast
fast as the scent of Jasmine
Jasmine flowers to impress love
love, pure love of his impresses

impresses Jennie towards Johnnie
Johnnie teaches her dance forms
forms bring a miracle to life
life line is now on the track

a track that pleases his mother
mother is happy for this
this brings everyone happiness
happiness comes forever

Copyright ©️ 2022 Jane Aguiar

⭐⭐ Learn to write here 👉 chain-verse 8-7-8-7 syllables are used alternately to form quatrain

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Music Of The Heart #poetry


When I feel lonely
And sit staring blankly
Close my eyes sadly
And listen to the song deeply

My favourite sad song (Hindi)
Lag Ja Gale by Late Lata Mangeshkar

When I feel romance
Nothing is left to chance
I ignore them all at once
And enjoy our dance

Mostly played song for weddings(Konkani)
Mog Sasnacho by Alison Gonsalves and Ancy

When my emotions thrive
I go for a long drive
Deep into the songs, i dive
And relive

All season songs (English and Marathi)
Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding
Kitida Navyane Tula Aathvave by Arya Ambekar

Someone played this song, on drums
Dreamed about me in his dreams
And took permission from my Mum

Sweet song forever
Lisbon Girl by Glenn Perry

Susan Dukelow

©️ Jane Aguiar

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