An idyllic sarcasm…#haibun #lanturne #senryu

It was an endless and delightful path. When she met him, the path became even more pleasant.

From then till now, shades of purple are spreading across the path adding to their love.

an idyllic path
in the dream of fantasy
she to fairyland

form of
fun is sarcasm

the powerful curse
newspaper got burnt in hand
an experiment

Copyright Šī¸ 2023 Jane Aguiar

Pic credit: Manjusha Chembil

Written in response to:

moonwashed-weekly-prompt-131-2-21-2023-idyllic by Eugenia

w3-prompt-43-weave-written-weekly by David

reenas-xploration-challenge-269 by Reena

what-do-you-see-174 by Sadje

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Sweety Pie…#puente #senryu

I selected Avicii’s song” waiting for love” for W3 poetry prompt

Beyond the seven seas
Standing in front of him
I am lost in strange thoughts
Hoping for the arrival of love

Waiting for love

Below the beautiful hued sky
I think,he must be as tall as a giraffe
His every act makes me laugh
So excited to meet my sweety pie

my sweet love, sweet dreams
engaged in each other’s thoughts
valentine couples

Copyright Šī¸ 2023 Jane Aguiar

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Written in response to:

what-do-you-see-173-13th-february-2023 by Sadje

w3-prompt-42-weave-written-weekly by David

moonwashed-weekly-prompt-130-2-14-2023-sweetheart by Eugenia

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You are mine…. #Golden_Shovel #senryu

( my selected haiku for David’s prompt)

You and I
are walking miles apart and want
to come closer and hope for
happiness and blessings of all.
Necessary to fulfill needs from time to time

We’re bound by an invisible thread to
feel emotions and fill
in the
empty and hollow spaces
in between

Waiting for your
touch and waiting for your fingers
to play with
my mane, makes me feel like you are mine

grassy area
blue artificial mushrooms
queen’s respected hat

Copyright Šī¸ 2023 Jane Aguiar

⭐⭐ Learn to construct a Golden_shovel Here

Pic credit: Melody brown

Written in response to:

w3-prompt-41-weave-written-weekly by David

what-do-you-see-14 by Sadje

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Late Post:

My car suffocates
pedestrians congestion
In concrete jungle
slow vehicular movement
it’s air and sound pollution

Copyright Šī¸ 2022 Jane Aguiar

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Divine Union… #limerick_riddle #micro_poetry

(Pipette and conical flask with chemical )

One that handles a lot of chemicals
For offline practicals
Uses burettes
Absorbs chemicals into pipettes
And manufacturer of various drugs using chemicals

(who am I?) – Chemist

(Burette and the same conical flask with chemical)

infinite stars shine
horizon meets reflection
a divine union

Copyright Šī¸ 2022 Jane Aguiar

Pic credit: Burette / Pipette

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Lost dream …#poetry #senryu

woman in between
became statue in sculptures
lost others contact

Dreams make us live
and make others live with us.
We strive and fight
to fulfill the dreams of others.

Birth is for dreams
and dreams are not for birth.
Dream teaches us to live
and fight even if we fail.

A dream is not just a dream
but a step towards action.
We achieve our dreams
by climbing one step at a time.

There is hope to win every fight.
Courage to make the dream come true.
Persistence and perseverance make us.
Even failure continues to shape us.

Failure is not the end
but it gives us new opportunities.
It guides and especially gives
the power to change direction.

One must be ready to accept change.
The purpose of all this is the dream
and the fulfillment of the dream.

Copyright Šī¸ 2022 Jane Aguiar

Pic credit: Miss Pooja

Written in response to:

what-do-you-see-168- by Sadje

w3-prompt-37-weave-written-weekly – by David

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Broken Pieces… #rhyme

On the bench of my village school
You told me, Jane, ‘you’re beautiful’

You were taking care of me
I was proud of you and me

The other girls were jealous
Every visit of yours made me nervous

I was trying to study
Your image was coming, my dear buddy

You were going to football practice
Your favorite dialogue, ‘Ma’am, I’m at your service ‘

One day a new girl came to school
You were looking at her, like a fool

You rented a heart and didn’t pay the rent,
You ignored the heart signals I sent

It was as If you had never seen a girl
She showed attitude with her curves and curls

You made her the destiny
To fight, I’m not an attorney

You broke my heart into tiny pieces
I don’t like these animal species

Copyright Šī¸ 2022 Jane Aguiar

⭐đŸ’Ģ May 2023 be a happy and successful year to all of you.💕

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Power Of Love #tetractys

can be
the best and
worst part of life.
Love has the power to either settle life
Or lead you down the road to hell with love.
It’s time to change,
the law of
sing at any
moment so no
one waits for the bubble to burst in love.

Copyright Šī¸ 2022 Jane Aguiar

Pic credit: Ndzo.x✓

Written in response to:

w3-prompt-34-weave-written-weekly by David

reenas-xploration-challenge-261 by Reena

⭐⭐ I tried Triple Tetractys. Learn to write it here 👉 tetractys

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Happiness forever…#chain_verse

pink mist of the winter season
season that brings lovers closer
closer so that they become one
one and only one relation

relation that lasts and grows fast
fast as the scent of Jasmine
Jasmine flowers to impress love
love, pure love of his impresses

impresses Jennie towards Johnnie
Johnnie teaches her dance forms
forms bring a miracle to life
life line is now on the track

a track that pleases his mother
mother is happy for this
this brings everyone happiness
happiness comes forever

Copyright Šī¸ 2022 Jane Aguiar

⭐⭐ Learn to write here 👉 chain-verse 8-7-8-7 syllables are used alternately to form quatrain

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Dark Spell… #prosepoetry #haibun #ekphrastic-poem

where dawn meets the dusk
my arms outstretched for a hug
became straight line

Kir stretches out his arms to embrace Zhenya passionately

With the help of a dark spell, she forces him to love her again but she chants the wrong spell and stops the fountain, the flow of water and time.

the season’s image
reflection in calm water
like soul’s mirror image

He deceives her in love but she loves him deeply
After learning that she will be the mother of his child, she wants him back
She meets a Yogini and learns a dark spell interestingly

In the wedding ceremony of the lovers,
she recites, ‘I am yours and you are mine’
Thinks that her best friend and her groom are true lovers

She steps down and falls.
The groom helps her, though it disrupts their wedding
As she chants, her lover re-enters her life only to shower love like heavy rainfall

He is so engrossed in love that he is not even aware of the child
Loves only and does not allow to take care of the baby
Finally, bored and panicked, she becomes wild

Plans to kill him and an accident occurs
Even after he dies, his soul yearns
to become forever hers

Amo” I love you!
love deeply from head to toe
dark spell, drowns me in you

Copyright Šī¸2022 Jane Aguiar

Pic Credit: Dark spell

Written in response to:

what-do-you-see-156 by Sadje

tankatuesday-poetry-challenge-no-294-10-18-22-ekphrastic-photoprompt by Colleen

w3-prompt-25-weave-written-weekly by David

⭐” Amo” means boss. She becomes the boss as she rules his soul.

⭐⭐ I tried to write idyll haibun for #tankatuesday-syllabic-poetry (one prose and one haiku) according to the rule, the title should connect to the poem.

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