Memorable Day…

As such, every day is memorable, so good or bad memory determines my mind and my attitude towards it.

The best memories of my life so far:

1. I learned knitting when I was in Standard Six.

2. My article and poem first appeared in a college magazine.

3. I was selected for the B.Ed Congregation Ceremony.

4. I married the boy, I fell in love with a few years later.

5. Became a mother by giving birth to a cute baby girl.

6 When my daughter was young I completed a tailoring and embroidery course because I wanted to sew her nice dresses and now I stitch dresses for me and her.

3D Masks

7. I started working as a teacher in school.

8. I started riding bikes and driving cars.

9. I learned to make soaps, candles, hair oils and herbal oils by watching online videos and reading journals.

Sandalwood soaps
Shea butter soaps
Ubtan soaps
Aloe vera soaps
Herbal hair oil

10. I’ve been blogging for seven months now.

Good as well as bad memory:

When I had an accident in 2018, both my hands were fractured and my husband took care of me like a baby for three months.

This is me

Bad memories in my life:

1. My father died a year before my marriage.

2. My mother died recently.

I believe that everything that happens in our lives happens for good and for some reason.

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