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  • Spot! #Lanturne
    Itis hardto erasea spot of thetrait ©️ janeaguiar Pic. Credit:Power Of Positivity Written in response to: FOWC With Fandango Thank you for reading. Stay Blessed!💖
  • Mother Teresa #An Etheree
    Theidolof mercy,inspiration,God of the orphans,ocean of compassion,selflessly lived for others,sheltered those lying on the road,dedicated her life to the poor,she is our mother, Mother Teresa ©️ janeaguiar Pic. Credit:The Catholic Company Written…
  • I left the camp… #Rhyme
    Postal office staff went to campeveryone who came was a champmy foot slipped off the rampI stuck directly to the clamp!! The land was slightly dampand I got a crampas there was…