Advent Calendar #Badger’sHexastich

calendar lights
the world in December
to celebrate the birth
of Jesus Christ
with care

The world
makes candy sticks
hollies, wreath, gifts, candles
cards,bells, Santa Claus cap
and Christmas tree
of hope

©️ janeaguiar

⭐I selected Badger’s Hexastich poem form from and presented two poems of the same.

Badger’s Hexastich is:
a poem in 6 lines.
syllabic, 2/4/6/6/4/2.
unrhymed, optional rising and falling end-words.

Written in response to:

Tankatuesday- weekly-poetry-challenge

Thank you for reading.

Stay Blessed! 💞


31 thoughts on “Advent Calendar #Badger’sHexastich

      1. You’re most welcome, Jane. Is always my pleasure. Ah, yes, I can see that. I was doing more structured poetry at one time. They are challenging. I love reading your poems. 💖💖💖

        Liked by 1 person

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