A-one #senryu

Buoy floats near a quay
a famous island nearby
A-one picnic spot

©️ Jane Aguiar

Written in response to:

What do you see by Sadje

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Nobita and Shizuka Love

Come, my darling,
and hold my hand in your hand.
Never let go of my hand,
so don’t dodge me.Come closer.

Come closer,
and let me find
my image in your eyes,
so don’t go away. Come, let’s look at each other.

Come, let’s look at each other,
and let me find
a little love for me,
so don’t ignore.Come, pay attention to me,

Come, pay attention to me,
and let me find
my future in you,
so don’t say a word. Come, surrender yourself to me,

Come, surrender yourself to me,
and let me find
some similarities between us,
so don’t be sad. Come, sorrow always brings happiness,

Come, sorrow always brings happiness,
and let me find
some happiness in you,
so let us live and let others live.

©️ Jane Aguiar

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A Downpour Of Rain…. Published at Gobblers/ Masticadores

I’m delighted to announce that my poem is published at Gobblers/Masticadores//Editores: Manuela Timofte/J re Crivello.

I thank Mr. J re Crivello, Director and founder of Gobblers/Masticadores and his team.

Here is my poem

A Downpour Of Rain……#poetry

Grey black rain clouds
become heavier,
if they are lighter
travel long distances
with the wind.

The thunder of the clouds
and lightning strikes.
A downpour of rain
and the umbrellas run.

Due to monsoon winds,
rustling of leaves.
The rain filled the fair
of rhythm and melody……

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Mog / Love/ प्रेम/ प्यार #poetry


Ful’lem ful’lem
Mhojem jivit ful’lem.
Kalljant mhojeam, tuzoch mog ful’lom.
Kallij dhoddhoddtam
ani mogacho uzo petttam!

Petlom petlom
mogacho divo petlom.
Kalljant mhojeam tuzoch uzo petlom.
Kalljak mhojeam vhodd sontos bhoglom
ani mogachi urba zaglim!

Zaglem zaglem
Mhojem monn zaglem.
Kalljant mhojeam tuzoch mog zaglom.
anjeam mhojeam khuxalkai zaglim
ani jivitachi aas bhaglim!


Bloom bloom,
bloom my life
In my heart, your love blossoms.
Heart pounding,
the fire of love burns.

Ignited ignited
The lamp of love is ignited.
The fire in my heart is yours.
The mind rejoiced greatly
and the hope of love was awakened.

Woke up woke up
My mind woke up.
Your love awakened in my heart.
My angel, joy woke up
and the hope of life was fulfilled.

प्रेम …..

फुलले फुलले,
माझे जीवन फुलले.
माझ्या हृदयात, तुझे प्रेम फुलले.
हृदय धडधडते
आणि प्रेमाची आग जळते!

प्रज्वलित प्रज्वलित
प्रेमाचा दिवा प्रज्वलित होतो.
माझ्या हृदयातील आग तुझी आहे.
मनाला खूप आनंद झाला
आणि प्रेमाची आशा जागृत झाली!

जाग आली जाग आली
माझ्या मनाला जाग आली.
तुझे प्रेम माझ्या हृदयात जागृत झाले.
माझ्या परी, आनंद जागा झाला
आणि आयुष्याची आशा पूर्ण झाली!


खिल उठा खिल उठा
मेरा जीवन खिल उठा।
तुम्हारा प्यार मेरे दिल में खिल गया।
दिल धड़कता है
और प्यार की आग जलती है!

प्रज्वलित प्रज्वलित
प्यार का दीया जलता है।
मेरे दिल में आग तुम्हारी है।
मन बहुत खुश हुआ
और प्यार की आशा जगी!

जाग गया जाग गया
मेरा मन जाग गया।
आपका प्यार मेरे दिल में जाग गया।
मेरी परी, खुशी जाग गई
और जीवन की आशा पूरी हो गई!

©️ Jane Aguiar

Pic credit: Wattpad

⭐⭐ First language is Roman Konkani (Goan Catholic’s Mother Tongue), second is English , third is Marathi and fourth is Hindi. I miss you all so I’m going to see you once a week🤷

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