Night Changes #iceform

My Syllabic Form🙂

1) Title is needed
2) Total 29 syllables
3) Pattern 3/5/3/9/9

4) The meaning should be felt after connecting the first two lines.
5) The third line should give meaning, without breaking the first two lines and losing their meaning.
6) The third line is not a pivot line

7) The meaning should be felt after connecting the last two lines.
8) The last two lines should not add any meaning to the third line as it is not the pivot line.
9) When all five lines are read, they must find meaning.

🌟 In (A, B, C) ” I” is the ninth letter so the pattern in descending order will be: I I C E C . This is the reason, I named this form as ICE form

Fell in love
it is not yet known
no regrets
the dream disappeared when I woke up
my love, the night changes me and you

©️ Jane Aguiar

Written in response to:

Thank you for reading.

Stay Blessed! 💞


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