White #Butterflycinquain

Pure white
symbol of peace
like an old woman’s hair
White cotton flowers take flight to
the sky
It can be seen stuck here and there
peace is felt everywhere
feels like winter

©️ janeaguiar

This post is part of https://wordcraftpoetry.com/2021/11/09/tankatuesday-weekly-poetry-challenge-no-251-synonymsonly-or-tastetherainbow/

Thank you for reading.

Stay Blessed!

74 thoughts on “White #Butterflycinquain

  1. Love your work but a little confused. I thought a cinquain was based on five lines and done with symmetry. I know so many different things are happening in the poetry world. Your work is lovely and I want to know more. Can anyone be a part of this?

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  2. Hi Jane! I truly enjoyed reading your insightful, motivating words.

    As the proverb states, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!” In other words, your pièce de résistance inspired my own (pale by comparison) verse. Being respectful of your copyright, I would never post my work on my site, sans your permission. That said, I await your authorization; but will readily (albeit regrettably) accept your “NO”, as well. I’ve composed and saved my draft so it’s already ready to go to (word) press…

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