Forever Yours ….. Published at Gobblers/Masticadores

I am very much excited to announce that I have been asked to collaborate with Gobblers/Masticadores//Editores: Manuela Timofte/J re Crivello

It is a dream come true. You can read more about it here

I would like to thank Mr. J re Crivello , Director and founder of Gobblers/Masticadores for thinking of me and inviting me to collaborate with them..

Here is the first of my January Poetry Submission

Forever Yours #Poetry

Singing sweet songs
and flowing in the slow stream
of the mountain
through the Swapnagandha forest,
my eyes fell on you and…

I fell in love with you.

Your passion
is so strong that …..

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Thank you for reading.

Stay Blessed 💞

Longing to meet #Poetry

into your eyes
seemed love
for me
and longing
to meet me
in solitude
felt deeply……

An educational tour,
the two souls
were connected
to each other
and love
at first sight
was never
believed before…..

It was true
and was reflected
in your loving

The silky touch
drove me crazy
and feelings of love
were aroused…..

Even after the tour
only your image
in my mind,
and heart

©️ Jane Aguiar

Pic Credit: Pinterest

Thank you for reading.

Stay Blessed 💞